Safety ... First, Last and Always

At J.L. Moore, safety is woven into our corporate culture. We understand that contractors who remain vigilant and that keep their teams well trained tend to have safe operations.

We are proud of our strong safety record over the past forty plus years, and continue to take a proactive approach to providing a safe work environment for all employees, contractors and visitors at our construction sites.

To ensure that our projects remain safe, all supervisors and employees attend mandatory safety training that help them identify potential hazards and instill safe operating procedures.  Every subcontractor on our projects must agree to follow all federal and state safety regulations, as well as our own safety program.  We are a drug-free workplace and require pre-employment and random drug testing for all employees, and provide substance abuse training for both supervisors and employees.

We understand the risks associated with construction and have worked to incorporate safety into the culture of our company. We plan to maintain our strong safety record, by staying on high alert, every day, on every project.